St Peter’s Church, Formby


1st St. Peter’s Formby Brownie Pack


Brownie Pack Holiday - Harry Potter Platform 9 DoorIf the words ‘Platform 9‘ means anything to you, then you know the fun is about to start! This was the start of 1st (Formby) St Peter’s brownie Pack Holiday with a Magical Hogwarts (Harry Potter) theme. The girls started their holiday by entering through a very special wall. They bravely said their goodbyes to their beloved ‘muggle’ families and began their magical adventure. There were many activities to do and some brownie badges to be earned.


Brownie Pack Holiday - cooking skills


For some of the girls, this was the first time away from family and they did amazingly well, supported each other, having wonderful time, learning to work as a team and gaining some early independence skills.




During the potions class, the girls learnt that ice can be made colder with salt, which they used to make some excellent ice-cream (It was even better than Mr Whippy!) and in advanced potions class they got to sample the famous butterbeer (no alcohol involved!)


A very special visit from the Owl Sanctuary, meant that the girls were able to get up close and learn about the conservation of owls. Reverend Anne and Mrs Potter (Brown Owl) were also able to make a special visit to share the experience with the girls.

The girls were calm, brave and kind, when they were allowed to hold the owls.

Brownies - Owl Sanctuary Visit

Brownies - Owl Sanctuary Visit

Brownies - Owl Sanctuary Visit










Brownies - Owl Sanctuary Visit










They all had a magical time at pack holiday learning to share, work, learn, play and relax with their friends and guiders. As a bonus, they all earned their Brownie Holiday badge, Cook badge and Craft Badge. Well done girls!

Brownie Pack Holiday Brownie Pack Holiday



Many Thanks for the donation from St Peter’s Church, who kindly donated money to hire Shirdley Hill for the weekend. The brownies and guiders had a wonderful time, and created some fantastic memories.

If you are interested in your daughter joining our Brownie Group, then please contact the parish office with your details.

We would also ask that you register your interest on the Join Us (Girlguiding) website.

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