St Peter's Church, Formby

Live Stream Services

Our Sunday morning Parish Eucharist and Sunday evening Choral Evensong are routinely streamed live and can be watched by following the yellow box link on the home page, or for convenience now that you’re here (!) – from THIS LINK also.

All services can be watched “live” starting at 10:00 or 18:30 respectively, or they can be watched at any time afterwards from our YouTube Channel Archive here. (You might need to click the Live tab to find the archive of previous services.)
From time to time other services and events are streamed too, and they can be found – live from the link above (or the yellow box on the home page), or afterwards in the archive link above.

There are five fixed cameras in Church:
– the general wide shot
– a closer shot of the Lectern, and the Vicar’s Stall
– the pulpit
– the High Altar
– a shot looking westwards, showing (some of) the Congregration
– there is a spare slot to allow an extra camera to be used, for example to display the organ console during a concert.
The stream is controlled from a laptop using special software which allows the view being broadcast to be changed, and puts a smooth transition between the shots. It also allows a laptop to be connected, for example at an All-Age Parade service, so the Stream can also see what is projected in Church. It can also display static images before, during and after a service.
Although technically possible (you might have seen it in streams from other places), adding the words of hymns, readings and prayers to make them visible live is a hurdle just too far!
However, the bulletin and service booklet are posted on the home page, and if you would like a hymn book for use at home, then please contact the Parish Office.

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