St Peter’s Church, Formby

Sunday Club at Home

Sunday Club

We will be producing children’s resources and useful links each week for Sunday Club at Home.

Children need to know that God loves them at a time when they are feeling worried as everything around them is changing.

Let us continue to learn from God’s amazing story together.

Mothering Sunday Activities

Mothering Sunday

We have produced a short activity for Mothering Sunday that you will be able to do at home as a family. 

It includes a Story, a YouTube song and activity/craft that you can do with things in your home. This week also includes a Puzzle Sheet.

Where possible we will follow the readings for that week. 

It is aimed at children from toddlers & Primary school. 

Worship at Home ideas from Messy Church.

When we can’t get to church, here’s a suggestion for a short, fun time with God around your table at home.

Check out the Breaking Bread – fun family prayer time

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