St Peter's Church, Formby

Organ Demonstration

Saturday 26th February – 7:30pm

The first event of the year will be a “Lecture Demonstration Recital” given by our Organist, David Holroyd.

It’s not quite as formal and serious as the title makes out – but will hopefully answer questions like:

  • what makes the organ work?
  • how many pipes are there in the organ?
  • what’s behind the hole in the wall above the Pulpit?
  • how big is the biggest pipe?
  • and how small is the smallest pipe?
  • where does all the wind come from?

As well as a brief history of the organ as an instrument, and background to our instrument in particular, David will explain how the instrument works, and play music to demonstrate the huge variety of features and sounds available.

There will be some of the great favourites of organ music, as well as a few little lollipops!

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