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Uganda Project

In 2017, St. Peter’s Church, Formby made a link with St. Peter’s Church and school, Kalule, Uganda.  The site of the church and school also contains what is known as The Women’s Project – a building where local women meet, make clothes and items for sale, and run a savings bank.

Women's Project Uganda

Magazine Christmas Greetings Appeal

It is not quite Christmas yet but we have to act early! As you know we are an eco-friendly church and we have decided to repeat the exchange of Christmas greetings that we did last year in our Parish Magazine.

If you would like to send greetings to all the readers of our magazine please give your name to the Parish Office on 01704 871171 or send an email to: All we ask is a donation to Kalule School, Uganda using the button below (suggested amount £5):

Previous Visits

In 2018 and 2019, two groups of over 20 people went to visit and share the life of the people of Kalule.  Classrooms were painted, playground equipment was installed, teachers in the group shared their skills and expertise with the local teachers, crafts were introduced as well as help with self-supporting projects.  Our aim is not just to help in practical ways but to help people help themselves.

Uganda Project - School Children

With funds raised by the people of St. Peter’s, Formby, we were able to pay for electricity to be installed on the site and to pay for the repair and refurbishment of teachers’ accommodation.  A very exciting development was enabling the school and the Women’s Project to realise their dream of rearing hens.  Two hen houses, each containing 600 hens, were built.  The chickens have just begun laying and the proceeds from the sale of eggs go towards funding both the school and the work of the Women’s Project.

For the church we made funds available to help them build the Eden Project – a hostel block for students at a nearby technical college.  The rent from the Eden Project goes to help run the church and provide financial assistance to widows and orphans.

Hostel blocks at the Uganda Project

Just recently we were really pleased to receive news that the improvements made to the school, both in the standard of teaching and in the improvement of buildings, have resulted in two new classroom blocks being built by the Ugandan Ministry of Education.


If you would like to support our Uganda Project, you are able to make a donation using our Donate Now to Our Uganda Project button below. This will allow you to securely donate via your debit card or credit card.

Donate Uganda Button

The story of a local girl

Vivian - local girl

The story of a local girl, Vivian, is worth telling. We first met Vivian on our first visit in 2019, a girl on crutches with a badly deformed foot.  When Vivian was only 8 months old her elder brother was holding her on a bicycle when she accidentally fell down to the ground. Her parents thought that it was a simple accident and that the initial muscular damage to her foot would soon recover. That recovery never materialised and her situation gradually worsened. It required expensive and expert treatment in hospital.  Vivian is now well on the road to recovery having had two stays in hospital, and we have been pleased to have had a part in ensuring that she has a happy and normal life ahead of her. 

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