St Peter's Church, Formby

Roof Appeal

Some years ago there was a major project to repair the church roof and this work has proved very successful but unfortunately we have some new problems. 

Roof Appeal

Whilst investigating damp in the sacristy we discovered part of the small flat roof between the sloping slate roofs is starting to collapse due to rot. The sacristy roof is immediately above the organ so this work was carried out as matter of urgency. 

Then on four areas on the roof we found the joints in-between the coping stones to be degraded. This has necessitated the repointing of the joints of all the coping stone cappings which hadn’t been included in the original roof project. 

Roof Appeal - Joints repointing

This is the reason that damp is so obvious in church on the arch above the lectern and on the back wall of the balcony. 

It has always been our plan to look after St. Peter’s Church as well as we can and this work is very important not only to protect the organ but to keep our church in the best possible condition for future years. All the work has been agreed in consultation with our Architect and the cost will be £115,000. 

We want to draw your attention to the work because once the scaffolding is removed it will not be obvious that work has been required. This is work that we could not budget for, so want to give you the opportunity to make a donation to the Roof Appeal.

If we raise more money than required for the roof the excess money will be put into other fabric projects. 

A video of our Abseil, where the Vicar, Organist and both Churchwardens were sponsored in aid of the Roof Appeal, can be seen HERE

If you would like to support St Peter’s Church Roof Appeal, you are able to make a donation via the Donate Now button below. This will allow you to securely donate via your debit card or credit card.

Donate Now Button Roof Appeal

If you are a UK tax payer, please Gift Aid your donation as this will increase your donation at no extra cost to you.

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