St Peter's Church, Formby

Scarecrow Shindig

Wednesday 21st – Sunday 25th September

Our Festival of Scarecrows took place in and around the Church in the days leading up to our Harvest Celebrations.
Individuals and groups produced a whole range of scarecrows – from the very scary, to the very friendly and they were positioned in the Church and in the Churchyard spread between the Porch and the Bier House.
Entries were numbered, and judged by visitors – with children’s votes counting twice as much as a “grown up’s” vote – and the results were announced at the Harvest Festival service in Church on Sunday evening.

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The Winners

Many thanks and congratulations to everyone for taking part, and creating excellent scarecrows.
A bit like School Sports Day – it was more about the taking part than the winning … but by popular vote, special congratulations go to:
Children’s Scarecrow
1st – Bob the Minion
2nd – Betty O’Barley & Harry O’Hay
3rd – Steve, the Hallowe’en dressed Minecraft character
Adult Scarecrow
1st – Queen Elizabeth II
2nd – Geraldine

The creators of Betty O’Barley and Harry O’Hay
and the creators of Barrett Boy

Excellent Event. Thank you.


Describing “Geraldine” (the Vicar Scarecrow): Scary